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GasMagic is a novel technological solution for all Ethereum Rollups that helps entities and protocols to save up to 60% on gas.

Optimize gas costs

Our Сlients:

Protocols and entities on ethereum rollups with significant gas spendings.

Our Tech:

Decrease the layer1(ethereum) security gas costs

Why Us:

Smooth tech integration, after-integration support and performance fee basis

For protocols and entities on ethereum rollups for 80%

It’s first-of-a-kind lossless data compression algorithm implemented right on EVM. Because of it's specificity it gives results more efficient than the best general-purpose compression methods available.

Gasmagic optimizes the gas spent on layer1 security redirecting costs to layer2 gas which is significantly cheaper — this way protocols would spend less on security and more to support their ecosystems.




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Optimize your layer2 deployment costs using gas magic right now. Saving on gas has never been so easy. Optimize up to 60% of gas costs on your deployment by call data optimization. 

Gasmagic supports a native hardhat plugin and all of the most popular devdeployelopment frameworks.

Check it out and save the gas.

Production ready tool for developers.

There are multiple parties who spend millions of dollars worth of Ethereum for the gas they could optimise and not spend. If you are reading this, most likely you are paying a fortune for the things you could not pay for.

You Need This.

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We're a privately owned algo hedge fund and this technology is a part of our ongoing research. Contact us to learn more about how to save on gas.

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